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We all spend a lot of time online, and trust banks and shops with our personal data. But how do you keep safe and avoid scams? Kiren Sirha, from Santander, has the answers.

In 2012 Harvard Business Review described data science as being “the sexiest job of the 21st Century”. However, the field of data science is still relatively unknown in the wider world.

An opportunity to talk about your ideas and challenges in managing change activity with a focus on several key areas including benefits, people, risk and governance.

Leeds University Union will be hosting a Record & Book Fair on Thursday 24 October from 10am-4pm and all students, staff and members of the public are invited.

Take some time out of your day to enjoy a breath of fresh air, stretch your legs and take in the sights of the University of Leeds.

This session will look at what we mean by data, how the University classifies it and where you should store it. It will cover best practice for OneDrive and Microsoft Teams