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The Events Network meets every couple of months to share ideas and good practice. Each session has a different theme with input from colleagues from across the University.

Coffee Connections is an event for students, staff and their partners and families to meet each other, make new friends and share ideas about how to make the most of living in Leeds.

The Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO) is hosting a public event where an expert panel will defend their opinions on things that they believe influence obesity.

UKCO is the largest UK event devoted to the work of those researching the understanding, treatment and prevention of obesity.

Discover the sculptural heartbeat of Leeds, from the energetic Legs Walking by Kenneth Armitage to Quentin Bell’s eye-catching 'The Dreamer'.

This event will reveal how artists are exploring virtuality in their work, from augmenting sculptural form with mapped projection, to the limitless avenues that the virtual space opens for artists.