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The space between the stars is full of clouds of dust and gas which are the formation sites of the next generation of stars. How do these molecules form and survive in the harsh environment of space?

To celebrate Tony Harrison's 80th birthday, there will be a rare screening of The Gaze of the Gorgon, one of his celebrated film poems followed by a reading from Tony who will be signing books after.

BLACK ROCK is a digital performance that explores the extraordinary desire of humans to move through mountains, to scale vertical walls and to seek new physical and intellectual heights.

A free conference to mark Tony Harrison's 80th birthday with guest speakers discussing the poet's work. The day will conclude with a staged reading of Harrison's play, 'The Labourers of Herakles'.

UK Premiere of Indian political thriller 'Sameer', with introduction by Prof. Will Gould and Q&A with Director Dakxin Charra, Producer Viren Ghamande and Assistant Director Abhishek Indrekar.

Big White Wall is an online, digital, 24/7, anonymous wellbeing and mental health support platform for all students. This webinar will introduce staff to the range of support available.