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The Events Network meets every couple of months to share ideas and good practice. Each session has a different theme with input from colleagues from across the University.

This one-day workshop aims to bring together current researchers at Leeds (notably but not exclusively social scientists) with the wider policy community to focus on routes into engaging with policy.

Dr Li Sun, a lecturer at the University of Leeds, will speak about rural-urban migration policies in China and how Chinese workers cope with migration events in the context of these policies.

Drawing on new research findings from a collaborative project with the University of York, this talk will look at how our food habits have changed over the decades.

The Young People and Adults’ Certificate will develop your coaching skills and knowledge base, allowing you to deliver the game of cricket to developing players in a fun and enjoyable way.

The Cultural Institute’s second one-day annual Arts and Health conference will be focused on ‘Young People, the Arts, and Mental Health’, aiming to share research, evidence, policy and practice.