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This November come and be inspired! Choose from a range of expert-led crafty activities with a festive feel and a sustainable approach:

You are warmly invited to the Launch Event for the DecarboN8 Research Network, which will be held at Crowne Plaza in Leeds on Monday 25th November.

Join students Annabel and Meegan along with Educational Engagement to find out more about the topic of estrangement and celebrate one year of the Stand Alone Pledge at the University of Leeds.

This talk considers the need for ethics and care to be mobilised together in a regulatory framework that is sensitive to the form and potential of reality television.

Pop in for five minutes to hear our staff’s personal responses to an object on display in our Galleries and perhaps uncover a few little known stories or facts at the same time.

The Ebonit Saxophone Quartet is a sparkling and inspired ensemble founded in 2011 at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music.