We are developing one of the most advanced centres in the world for high speed rail planning, design, construction and testing.

Our Institute for High Speed Rail and System Integration will be the UK's first research centre dedicated not only to high speed rail, but to all speeds and associated system integration, helping place the UK at the forefront of the global rail industry.

Our test facilities and System Integration Innovation Centre, operational from Spring 2021, will offer the capability to investigate rail systems as an integrated whole – measuring how train, track, power systems and signals interact as a unified system. It will revolutionise the way new trains are developed and brought into service, reduce delays and increase passenger satisfaction.

Our research will benefit the development of major infrastructure programmes by allowing costs to be predicted more easily and savings to be made.

UK-based businesses will gain an edge in the global rail market, while the Institute attracts greater engineering activity to the North and the UK.

We are offering study programmes to help address skills gaps and support rail industry growth.

“This new testing facility will be one of the most advanced in the world and will revolutionise the UK’s approach to high speed rail system design and implementation. Not only will it reduce the number of issues we see on the operational railway, it will help to bring economic growth and jobs to the area for many years to come. ”

Sir Peter Hendy CBE, Chair Network Rail

Supporting growth in the rail industry

  1. 1In 2018, there were around 800 new trains being tested on the rail network, with a further 6,000 in the pipeline. This is predicted to grow significantly over the next 15 years
  2. 240,000 extra jobs are predicted in Leeds city region by 2050 in the rail industry and wider economic sectors as a result of investment in high speed rail
  1. 3The IHSRSI will be built next to the Leeds Gateway 45 enterprise zone to the east of the city, close to the location planned by HS2 for their eastern supply depot
  2. 4The IHSRSI's facilities will have the capability to test high speed trains which run at almost 250 mph

Our funding

The Institute has received investment from Research England and Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (delivered by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority). Funding for the Institute has also come from industry partners and the University.