Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Accessing research and expertise can be extremely important if a business wants to innovate, grow and develop. However, finding the right help and support is often daunting or can appear to be costly. A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) provides a cost-effective way for businesses to work collaboratively with the University of Leeds, in order to bring new knowledge and expertise into the organisation.

Our dedicated KTP team provides support for projects from inception through funding proposal generation to project closure, facilitating collaboration between companies and our leading researchers. We understand the demands of business and how a KTP can support your company through strategic innovation.

How do Knowledge Transfer Partnerships work?

Through KTPs, organisations can access specialist knowledge and expertise to tackle a strategically important opportunity or challenge. A recent graduate or postgraduate will be recruited to work in your business as part of a one-year to three-year project focused on achieving targeted outcomes by embedding new knowledge and capabilities in the organisation. The breadth of high-level research available from academic partners across the University of Leeds makes us an ideal partner.

What are the benefits for business?

The KTP scheme provides an extremely cost effective way for businesses to carry out collaborative projects with the University of Leeds. KTPs help your business improve competitiveness through innovation, increasing profitability, the retraining of staff, and the development of a potential employee.

Recent national statistics shows that for every £1m of Government money invested in KTPs: 

  • 25 new jobs are created
  • 353 company staff are trained
  • £11.65m business increase in annual pre-tax profit
  • £3.06m is invested in research and development
  • £2.2m is invested by companies in plant and machinery 

Why work with the University of Leeds?

If you have a strategic need to bring new knowledge into your organisation a KTP may provide the solution you are looking for. By partnering with the University of Leeds through your KTP project you will have access to the academic knowledge and facilities of one of the top ranked universities in the UK. Additionally you will benefit from the excellent project management service provided by the KTP Office at Leeds, helping you to get the most out of your collaboration.

We have a strong track record developing KTPs. To date the University has:

  • worked on over 100 KTPs
  • helped secure over £13 million in funding for KTP projects
  • worked successfully with both large companies and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including: Austin Hayes, Procter & Gamble, Kellogg’s, CGI International, International Innovative Technologies Ltd and Yorkshire Bank
  • won a national Research Council UK impact award from Innovate UK
  • had over 50% of our projects rated ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’ by independent assessors, well above the national average

What support will you receive?

Should you choose to take part in a KTP with the University you will receive all the help and support you need to get the most from the partnership. Our dedicated KTP Office team will help you to:

  • discuss your strategic needs, determine project scope and assess whether your proposed project is likely to be funded by the KTP scheme
  • assist in the writing of the grant application to maximise the chances of success in both funding and delivery of your objectives
  • recruit a suitable graduate or post-graduate who will be employed by the University of Leeds, but spend most of their time working at your premises
  • deal with all the administration, reports, financial paperwork etc required by the KTP scheme
  • look at ways of funding further work at the end of your KTP project 

What financial support is available?

KTP projects at Leeds typically run for two or three years. Innovate UK is the main funder of KTPs but research councils and other bodies may also provide financial support.

  • large companies receive 50% funding and SMEs 67%
  • although the costs vary from project to project, a typical project budget for a KTP at Leeds is around £78,000 per year. Therefore the cost for a large company is around £39,000 per year and for SMEs £26,000 per year
  • included in the KTP budget are base level employment costs of the Associate, 10% of an academic's time along with budget allocations for Associate personal development, travel, and consumables for the purposes of the project

What types of organisations can be involved?

KTPs are primarily aimed at businesses of all sizes that are registered UK legal entities and can supply current ratified accounts. In some circumstances, large not-for-profit organisations, charities, NHS Trusts and Councils can also undertake a KTP.

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