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Step back in time with M&S

From miniskirts and flares to shoulder pads, the Marks & Spencer Company Archive on campus is going back in time to celebrate all things great about the swinging 60s, stylish 70s and eccentric 80s.

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Mimicking natural evolution with ‘promiscuous reactions’ to improve the diversity of drugs

A revolutionary new scientific method developed at the University of Leeds will improve the diversity of ‘biologically active molecules’, such as antibiotics and anti-cancer agents.

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Tickling your ear could be good for your heart

Stimulating nerves in your ear could improve the health of your heart, researchers have discovered.

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Research at the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering aims to improve the lives of patients everywhere. Frank the cycling skeleton helps to test the strength of new hip and knee replacements. Read about this research

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Dr Ruth Payne's new research suggests common punishments for bad behaviour in schools serve little purpose @Forbes -
About 6 hours ago

The adding of names to our #WW1 memorial following research by @DMDMStowe is featured on @BBCNews website -
About 9 hours ago

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Soldiers named added to war memorial at university

The names of 25 soldiers who fought in the First World War were uncovered by historian David Stowe and added to the University’s war memorial last week.

BBC news online
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Arctic ice cap has grown instead of disappearing as was predicted by Al Gore

New satellite images from the University of Illinois’ Cyrosphere project show that the Arctic sea ice has become more compacted and it covers 1.7million square kilometres more than it did two years ago. Professor Andrew Shepherd (Earth and Environment) comments on the new findings in this article.

Mail on Sunday
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New research reveals truth about school disciplines

Preliminary research from University lecturer and former teacher, Dr Ruth Payne (Languages, Cultures and Societies), suggests that traditional disciplines in schools such as detention serve little purpose.

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