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Thinking forward through the past

A major international research project led by the University of Leeds has attracted significant funding from the AHRC to shine new light on forgotten works by Jewish artists.

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Peacock’s train is not such a drag

The magnificent plumage of the peacock may not be quite the sacrifice to love that it appears to be, University of Leeds researchers have discovered.

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Exploring Leeds and Yorkshire in the First World War

University of Leeds academics are taking part in a major public event examining the role of Leeds and the wider region in the First World War.

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Research at the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering aims to improve the lives of patients everywhere. Frank the cycling skeleton helps to test the strength of new hip and knee replacements. Read about this research

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University of Leeds named as runner-up University of the Year by The Times & Sunday Times -
About 13 hours ago

New funding from @ahrcpress will shine new light on forgotten works by Jewish artists -
About 14 hours ago

Media coverage

Soldiers named added to war memorial at university

The names of 25 soldiers who fought in the First World War were uncovered by historian David Stowe and added to the University’s war memorial last week.

BBC news online
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Sigmund Freud phrases

In article about Sigmund Freud, and 75 years since his death, Dr Nicholas Ray (English) comments on the words and phrases he popularised which are ingrained in popular culture and everyday language.

BBC online
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Incheon's Asian Games

Aidan Foster-Carter (Sociology) talks about tensions between North and South Korea, and that there are far fewer people today who remember when Korea was one, so the idea doesn't resonate strongly with young people.

The Guardian
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