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Reframing disaster: revisiting global disasters

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Bhopal gas disaster in India, the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide and the 10th anniversary of the South Asian tsunami on Boxing Day 2004.

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Stroke damage mechanism identified

Researchers have discovered a mechanism linked to the brain damage often suffered by stroke victims—and are now searching for drugs to block it.

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Geoengineering our climate is not a ‘quick fix’

The deliberate, large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system is not a “quick fix” for global warming, according to the findings of the UK’s first publicly funded studies on geoengineering.

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Research at the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering aims to improve the lives of patients everywhere. Frank the cycling skeleton helps to test the strength of new hip and knee replacements. Read about this research

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Susan Partridge interview

University of Leeds researcher Susan Partridge who is a Scottish marathon runner is interviewed by Women’s Running.

Women's Running
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Could Podemos’ influence spread to the UK?

Dr Jonathan Dean (School of Politics and International Studies) describes the new left-wing political party Left Unity which was founded in November 2013.

The Conversation
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TV: BBC Breakfast

Dr Kevin Macnish (Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre) appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about terms and conditions governing what social media companies can do with users’ personal data. He was responding to a report by the Commons Science and Technology Committee, to which he gave evidence during the summer.

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