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Climate change threatens precious UK ecosystem

- An entire ecosystem is at risk from the effects of climate change on the UK’s blanket bogs, scientists at the University of Leeds have warned.

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Study finds non-genetic cancer mechanism

- Cancer can be caused solely by protein imbalances within cells, a study of ovarian cancer has found.

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Research project will shed light on overshadowed Shakespeare contemporary

- A University of Leeds literary historian is embarking on a major project to shed light on an influential but neglected contemporary of Shakespeare.

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Eliminating ulcer germ may help prevent stomach cancer

- Targeting the strain of bacteria that causes ulcers may help prevent stomach cancer, according to research led by the University of Leeds.

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Cool summer of 2013 boosted Arctic sea ice

- The volume of Arctic sea ice increased by a third after the summer of 2013 as unusually cool air temperatures prevented the ice from melting, according to University of Leeds and UCL scientists.

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Historian’s tailor-made museum partnership

- A research collaboration between the University of Leeds and the city’s museum has helped produce a fascinating new exhibition examining the history of tailoring.

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