Maria Ventura

Japanese Business 2012
Job title
Senior Cost Specialist, Disney UK

Why I became a Leeds mentor

I got involved as a Leeds mentor, offered work experience to students and spoke at careers events because we need more women in my industry and we need younger people.

I made many mistakes in my career. Once I had my goals, I had no idea how to achieve them. I am happy to teach youngsters not to make my mistakes.

Thanks to people who volunteer, we can improve the delicate passage between study and work.

I feel like I can help someone who is a bit lost, like I was, but has ambition and big dreams.

My advice to anyone thinking about volunteering at Leeds

If you have the time and feel you have something to give, you should do it.

You are giving students the chance to ask questions and they can express their doubts without worrying about looking stupid, which is extremely important for growth.

The idea that some people are entering your industry thanks to your help is a really beautiful feeling.