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4-XTRA Technologies Software
A fairer world. accessible to all Faculty of Social Sciences
A new approach to regenerative medicine Regenerative medicine
A smart approach to baking bread Professor Kang Li from the University of Leeds has devised a smart energy system specifically for SMEs, using high-tech sensors and complex data analysis to identify the highest energy use and find where savings can most effectively be made.
A universal standard of assessment and intervention: Improving the lives of children with movement difficulties Movement Assessment Battery for Children (MABC)
Aakarshan Kathuria Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies 2011
Aakriti Mathur MSc Organizational Psychology 2022
Aaryav Gupta Msc International Business 2015
Aastha Mathur MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy 2020
Abdullah Soliman Nouraldeen Postgraduate pre-sessional English
Abdulsalam Alsulami Postgraduate pre-sessional English
Abeer Alaydi MSc International Business
Achieving net zero: one policy at a time Faculty of Environment
Acuity Robotics Robotics
Adsilico Limited In silico modelling
Advances in polymer composites: Paving the way for product innovation High-value engineering - polymer composites
Ahmed Oshinibosi A Lead Engineer at Bentley Motors and University of Leeds alumni mentor
Ajinkya Vijay Shinde MScMSc Advanced Chemical Engineering 2022
Akash Sriram Conflict Development and Security MA
Akash Sriram MA Conflict, Development and Security 2019