Liza Kellett

Spanish and Portuguese 1988; MA 1998
Job title
Chief Executive, Trust Leeds

Why I became a Leeds volunteer

I offered work experience and spoke to prospective students because both times I studied at Leeds I was surrounded by staff and people who inspired me and supported me. They were my cheerleaders when things got tough and they were allies in getting me through my degrees. So I wanted to emulate that for today's students.

I think that volunteering gives students an insight into how theory meets practice; they see 'real' people working in jobs they aspire to and this builds confidence. They learn about the challenges, risks and mistakes too and this builds their resilience.

I am always so impressed by the students I work with – in awe of them really. Their global (and local!) perspective and strong values are inspiring.

My advice to anyone thinking about volunteering at Leeds

There are so many ways to get involved. You can find a role which works for you, around your commitments, and for others.