Lynette Akong

Geographical Information Systems 2011
Job title
ICT Business Coordinator, The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute

Why I became a Leeds mentor

I wanted to return some of the support I received during my time at Leeds.

The mentor-mentee relationship allows both the established and developing professionals to learn from each other's experiences.

It means that Leeds, as a leading research university, becomes a great platform for ideas sharing. That can have tremendous impact on our developing world.

Why I love being a mentor

Leeds students are passionate and innovative. These qualities emerge in each interactive session and they display a high degree of professionalism and commitment to their chosen field of study.

We can provide them with an insight into the reality of moving from the learning environment to the corporate environment. It makes me feel humbled and valued to support them.

My advice to anyone thinking about volunteering at Leeds

Step up, you have a lot to offer.