IMS Alumnus Featured in Podcast

IMS alumnus, Dr Ricky Broome, has recently been interviewed for the Agnus podcast.

Agnus, the Late Antique, Medieval, and Byzantine podcast, run by Glenn McDorman, aims to show people outside academia how scholars interrogate evidence, draw interpretations or conclusions from that evidence, and critique the arguments and interpretations of other scholars.

McDorman interviewed Ricky Broome about his article 'Pagans, Rebels, and Merovingians: Otherness in the Early Carolingian World' because identity politics has become a central feature of the twenty-first century. Broome's article explores how a variety of narrative texts can be used to fashion the identities of 'us' and 'them'. In the interview Glenn and Ricky discuss how early Carolingian authors used certain labels and categories to develop a discourse of 'otherness' through which a new political identity could be forged. Furthermore they demonstrated how listeners can look for such self-fashioning and othering in our own language today. 

The podcast can be accessed here.