Classics Reading Competition 2018

Almost 100 students from seven schools across the region took part in the successful event.

Ninety four students from Sheffield High School, Bradford Grammar School, Birkdale School, Graham School, The Grammar School at Leeds, Notre Dame College and Dixons Music Primary took part in the Classics Reading Competition at the University of Leeds on Wednesday 14 March 2018. Each of the students took part in one or more of the categories which challenged them to read aloud texts in Greek, Latin or in translation - acting out scenes from Greek tragedy, or taking up the roles of ancient orators or poets in vivid monologues. Some of the younger children performed a Latin play in groups in the Minimus category which allowed them to bring the ancient language alive.

The evening brought young people aged 8-18 together from a variety of schools to celebrate Classics, and 70 or more years of this competition. This year the competition proved more popular than ever with students from a range of different schools including primary and secondary, proving that Classics is an exciting choice for young people and is definitely growing throughout the Yorkshire region.

One of the teachers who attended the competition said “very useful event from the point of view of motivating our students and helping them to view texts in a different and probably more authentic way”.

One of the students said “running this inspired me to apply to study Classics at University.”

Emma Stafford, Deputy Head of School, University of Leeds said, “It’s wonderful to be involved in such a fantastic competition and inspire so many young people from all over the region in their study of Classics at school. We’re passionate about supporting young people to develop their existing knowledge as well as motivating them to study Classics at university, which they might not have considered before.”

By Alex Peel