Caring for health

From designing the healthcare technology of the future, to getting to know your guts, find out how research is ‘caring for health’ with these activities:

Help us design a new drug​​​​

Drugs act on proteins to help fight diseases, and structure-based drug design can help us to find new medicines quickly and more cheaply. Using protein structures, learn how new drugs are discovered, and help us to design potential new treatments for COVID-19!

Pipette like a pro and extract DNA  

Found in most cells, DNA carries the instructions that make you you and me me. The DNA from your body would stretch from the earth to the sun and back about 600 times. Extract DNA and put your fine motor skills to the test – can you pipette like a pro?

Soft or spiky?​​​​​

Put your sense of touch to the test and guess what’s in our mystery boxes! You’ll learn how your experience of the objects in the boxes might feel different to people who experience pain, and how research is improving treatments for pain.

The chocolate trial​​​​​

How do you find something out? By asking a question! In medicine we use something called a clinical trial to answer questions. At Be Curious we are asking the question “Do different kinds of chocolate make us happier?” Come and find out about clinical trials and help us answer our question!

Ultrasound and the animal kingdom

How do we use sound waves and reflection in medicine? How is it used in the animal kingdom? Join our ultrasound team from the Leeds Biomedical Research Centre to learn about the amazing way the animal kingdom uses echolocation. Have a go at scanning fruit and some other surprising items, then see how we use ultrasound to scan bones and joints in the hand.

What does your poo say about you?

How long is the human gut? Have a guess, and help us to remove stigma surrounding bowl cancer screening. Try your hand at poo curling, and see if you can throw the beanbag poo into our toilet! Poo-themed fun and games for all the family!

Womb for improvement: early life origins of lifelong health

How does the environment of the womb and placenta determine health in the short and long term? Take part in our interactive activities and learn about cutting edge research to support the health of mother and baby.

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