Enabling sustainable lives

From measuring sea-level rise from space to taking solar power cars racing, find out how research is ‘enabling sustainable lives’ with these activities:

How green is your t-shirt?

Fast fashion is a big business, but have you ever wondered where your favourite t-shirt comes from, how it was made and who made it? Join us to explore the worldwide journey your clothes take and what you can do to be fashionable and sustainable!

How trees grow – light, rings, carbon!

See how trees grow and fight climate change! Join LEAF and the United Bank of Carbon to paint a tree that grows leaves when taken outdoors; see how trees work beneath their bark; and pick up a guide to walk and explore the carbon stored by our campus trees!

Ice from space: glacier goo, penguins and satellites ​​​​​

How do we measure changes in Antarctica from Leeds? Using satellite imagery we can track changes in the Polar Regions to improve projections of sea-level rise. Find out how glaciers move, make an origami satellite or penguin, try on fieldwork gear, and see the beauty these frozen worlds have to offer!

Miniature Ocean: how fluid flows are modelled in real life​​​​​​

Mixing is an important phenomenon in fluid dynamics, which is used in applications as simple as mixing milk into a cup of coffee, to combining fuel within combustion engines. Get hands-on and see mixing in action with our rotating flow tanks.

Pathway to zero carbon – you decide!​​​​​​

How can we reduce emissions at the University, in Leeds and beyond? You make the decisions with our game, which tackles the challenges, trade-offs and opportunities on the path towards zero carbon!

Poop! What's it like to live without a toilet? 

Millions of people around the world still lack access to a toilet, with huge negative impacts on their health and how they live their lives. Through hands-on games involving dodging poo, learn about research into improved sanitation conducted by scientists in the Water-WISER Centre.

Solar-powered racing cars: taking inspiration from plants and physics​​​​​​

Test out solar-powered racing cars on our racetrack and learn about solar-energy research at Leeds. Get your car ready for the track with different light sources and light colours, and see which one will take the win at the chequered flag!

Sustainability campus tour​​​​​​

Join our informative sustainable campus tour to learn about the role that plants and wildlife play for people and planet. Take part in some fun, sustainable activities along the way, and have your questions answered by our guides.

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