Be Curious on Tour

Be Curious at Leeds Industrial Museum: Saturday 17 February, 12pm to 4pm.

Calling all future engineers, inventors and idea explorers! Be Curious and Leeds Industrial Museum invite you to a super fun day where you get to meet awesome researchers from the University of Leeds.

You’ll get to learn about Leeds legend John Smeaton – the UK's first Civil Engineer!

This event is part of the year-long Smeaton300 celebration happening across Leeds.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next big engineer, just like John Smeaton. Get ready for a day packed with excitement and discovery – we can’t wait to see you!

Free and no booking necessary.

Check out the day’s activities

Stories with Liv: Cass and Cotton Boll

Get ready for an adventure with Stories with Liv! Join us at 12.30pm and 2.30pm for an interactive storytelling journey as Cass and Cotton Boll follow the journey of cotton from field to consumer. Don’t miss out on the fun! 

Amelie Addison: The Life of Teddy King

Step into Teddy King's shoes and journey through the 1800s circus life! Hear his tales from the road, straight from his diary. Learn how he tamed a leopard and mastered balancing a top hat! Make your own top hat and become the ringmaster of your own circus adventure!

Come by at any time.

George Gabriel: Reinforcement Runner

Did you know computers can be super smart? They play games like chess and 'go' really well! But here's the cool part: they teach themselves to play using a trick called 'reinforcement learning.' In 'Reinforcement Runner,' you'll use this trick to learn a game. Move your character, watch out for traps, and try to get home safely! Can you master the game?

Come by at any time.

Rae Gillibrand: Tech and Touch

Come see how prosthetic hands have changed over time at our stall! We'll explore the amazing progress from the past to now, inspired by John Smeaton, a caring engineer. Learn how engineers and doctors team up to create tools for better health. Try out fun activities, see cool displays, and find out how science and kindness help people with prosthetics!

Come by at any time.

May Newisar: Safe Spaces

What keeps your neighbourhood safe? Is it the bright lights on the pavements or the marked road crossings? Architect May Newisar uses her talents to make sure our communities are safe for everyone. Share your thoughts on neighbourhood safety and ideas to make it safer for all!

Come by at any time.

Clinical Trials Research Unit: The Chocolate Trial 

The Clinical Trials team help make medicine and healthcare better for everyone. Clinical trials help doctors and scientists check if a new medicine works. The team look at data and test to find which medicine works the best to make healthcare better for everyone. Come and see how clinical trials work and find out which chocolate makes you happiest!

Come by at any time.

Briony Thomas: Mechanics of Life

Explore how our bodies move with the Engineering of Dance! Learn about bones and the cool science behind ballet spins. Engage with fun displays and hands-on activities! Discover how medical engineering helps keep us healthy. Join us as art, science, and engineering come together in a dance-inspired project!

Come by at any time.

Ashley Victoria: Fabric Futures

Composites are like superheroes of the construction world. They are strong yet lightweight materials that give buildings and objects the durability they need to withstand the test of time. But did you know that fabric can help make materials stronger? Join us to explore the power of materials and see how it shapes our world!

Come by at any time.

What is Smeaton300?

Smeaton300 is a creative programme celebrating the work of the UK’s first civil engineer – John Smeaton. John Smeaton was born in Leeds in 1724, so 2024 is his 300th birthday. He dedicated his life to developing ways of working for the public good. 

The programme is led by creative arts organisation Foxglove, who are based here in Leeds. We are working with the Cultural Institute on a programme of events at the University for Smeaton300. 

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