Be Curious family programme

Design, imagine, make, do, glue, explore and more: for 2021, Be Curious streamed virtual family-friendly events live to YouTube each weekday.

Check out our highlights below and view all of our livestreamed family events in the Be Curious Goes LIVE YouTube playlist

Be Curious x Unlimited Space Agency: LIVE from the Space Shed 

Get ready for BLAST OFF! We’re going on a VERY special Be Curious trip to outer space and you’re invited!

Broadcasting live from the Space Shed all day, join us and our super team of SENSE Earth Observation CDT space scientists, oceanographers, earthquake experts, Antarctic explorers, and all-round climate champions for a fun-filled day of activities, interviews, and the opportunity to grill some of our experts as they take turns in the hot seat.

My future Leeds

Our University Sustainability Superheroes have joined forces to show you their vision for a sustainable future Leeds. What will our city look like, and why? 

The Timeless Traveller, Buzzing Beekeeper, and the Local Legend will be joined by their superhero crew as we take you on a journey to the future.

Hear your heart!

Having a strong heart makes sure our whole body gets a good supply of oxygen and all the nutrients we need to work, rest and play. The heart is a big muscle, and just like any other muscle, exercise helps to build it up and keep it powerful.

Using everyday objects, we'll make a homemade stethoscope which we'll use to listen to a heart and count the heart beats. We’ll show you some simple exercises, then listen to the heart beats again to explore how exercise has an effect on your heart and the work it has to do.

The art of networks

Budding artists and scientists alike, join us for this live make-along to discover a world where science and art collide and make a masterpiece!

Using the science of networks as our inspiration, we’ll create our own collages, made with materials you'd normally dispose of or recycle and found objects from nature. In the process, we’ll learn more about the amazing artists and inspirational illustrators who use collage to create works of art.