Video transcript: Alumni Perspectives - Leeds Executive Leadership Apprenticeship

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Alumni Perspectives - Leeds Executive Leadership Apprenticeship


[Text appears that says: Alumni Perspectives - Leeds Executive Leadership Apprenticeship]

[The Maurice Keyworth Building at Leeds University Business School appears]

[Kellie Tillery, MIS Service manager, School ICT Services, appears on screen in a light and airy space inside a modern building with large windows]

Kellie says: I decided to undertake an Executive Leadership Friendship at Leeds University Business School because the program aligns with my professional goals in that I was wanting to progress to a higher level to be more of a senior leader than just a leader in my business. The Leeds University Business School is such a highly thought of and internationally recognised school so I knew that I was getting top level education.

[Emma Bamber, Contracts Project Manager (Compliance), Leeds City Council appears in the same setting].

Emma says: I like the hybrid way of working. I like to come on campus to do some days here. But I also like the online element as well, because that meant fit more around lifestyle. 

[Footage of students in a lecture theatre writing notes and using computers in IT suites].

[Text on screen says: Modules designed to match diverse business needs].

The modules were all perfectly in line with what my business was going through. There was a module in particular on managing change, and my business has just gone through quite a significant change in that we were acquired by another business.

[Text says: Elevate employee careers with transformative apprenticeship training].

Emma continues: So I knew that to take my career to the next level, I needed to know more about finance. And one of the modules on the apprenticeship is finance, and it gave me a great understanding of finance from a business leader’s perspective. What I have used the most from completing, the program in my current role have been, information from the module sustainability and positive leadership. And I’ve actively used these when I’ve been working out social value contracts. 

[Kellie appears on screen].

Kellie says: The program really helps benefit my career in the long term. I’ve actually joined the program, I gained a promotion through my business, and I do put some of that down to what I learned at the business school. 

[Text says: Apprenticeships studies offer networking for enhanced business connections].

[Footage shows a group of people collaborating with laptops sat around a large table].

Kellie continues: The networking opportunities have been great.

I’ve made many friends on this course and it just gives you so many different perspectives from people working. So many different places across Leeds and beyond.

[Text says: Advance from apprenticeship to master’s, empowering career growth].

[Footage of graduates on graduation day throwing their mortar board hats in the air].

Kellie continues: I’m also looking to go on to further study with the University after completing the apprenticeship. I’m looking to do an MSc, the Executive Leadership as well, to get an internationally recognised qualification with a Masters through the University. I chose not to go to University after school, so I wouldn’t have been able to do this qualification if it wasn’t for the apprenticeship that I undertook first.

[Emma appears on screen].

Emma says: I would say it’s a good idea for businesses to encourage their employees to join this program because you get a lot of skills out of this that you wouldn’t normally get from internal leadership programs. 

[Kellie appears on screen].

Kellie says: It gives you a really great insight as a leader into different areas, things you might consider, you gain experience. You also gain a support community and a network through the university as well. It’s a really cost effective way to send your leader on an internationally recognised qualification.

[Text on screen says: Contact us: Executive Education, website:, email:].

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