Clearing FAQs

Got questions about Clearing? We know Clearing can be a confusing time, so we’ve put together a list of our frequently asked questions about Clearing at the University of Leeds.  

What is Clearing? 

Clearing allows you to apply for an undergraduate course if you don't hold any offers from a university or college.  

When does Clearing take place?  

You can apply for a course through UCAS Clearing from 5 July 2024 if you already have your exam results.  

Who can apply through Clearing?  

UK and international students can be eligible to apply for a course through Clearing. You can apply to an available course through Clearing if you have your results and:  

  • You haven't made a UCAS application this year  
  • You didn't receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)  
  • You didn't meet the conditions of your firm or insurance offer  
  • You've declined a firm place through UCAS.

How do I apply through Clearing?  

If you've made a UCAS application this year, you can use your UCAS personal ID to log in to UCAS.  

If you haven't received any offers by 5 July or you didn't meet the conditions of your offer, you'll automatically be entered into Clearing. You'll find your Clearing number on the UCAS homepage.  

If you're holding a firm unconditional place, you can also choose to release yourself into Clearing by using the 'Decline your place' button in UCAS.  

When you've found a course you'd like to apply to, make sure you get in touch with the university before adding a Clearing choice in UCAS. Once you have a verbal offer that you're happy with, add this in UCAS to confirm that you're formally accepting the offer.  

If you've not made a UCAS application this year, you need to register on the UCAS website and submit an application before you can add a Clearing choice.  

What do I need to do if I’m applying through an international agent?

If you’re applying through an agent and want them to call us about your application, you’ll need to add them as your nominated contact on UCAS.  

What happens after I apply?

If you accept an offer of a place at Leeds through Clearing, we’ll email you to confirm your place.  

We’ll include all you need to know about preparing for Leeds, including applying for accommodation, funding and applying for a visa.  

Which courses are available in Clearing?

If you already have your results, you can search our international Clearing vacancies, our UK Clearing vacancies or our Foundation Year (UK students only) Clearing vacancies to find available courses.  

If you are waiting for your results, you can also register your interest in Clearing to receive an update when our Clearing vacancies are published in August.

Do I have to reject my offer before I can check Clearing? 

No. You can check Clearing without it affecting your offer; sometimes it's good to see what else is available. However, you'll ultimately need to reject your existing offer in order to confirm your place through Clearing. 

What questions will the admissions team ask me?  

The admissions team will want your UCAS identification number, so make sure you have this to hand. They'll also ask about your grades, subjects and the course you're hoping to study.

If you're contacting us about Clearing before A-Level results day, you'll need to email rather than call. You can contact the course admissions team using the email address next to the course in the Clearing vacancies list when they go live.  

Can I ‘reserve a course’ while I see what else is available?

If you receive an offer through Clearing you'll have a certain amount of time to follow it up through UCAS. If you leave it too long, the offer might be withdrawn and given to another applicant, so remember to confirm through UCAS if you want to accept your place. 

Do I need a ‘Clearing number’ before I call? 

Not always. It depends on why you're calling. You usually will need a Clearing number before you can receive a Clearing offer, and you can find this in your UCAS application. 

I've heard about ‘Clearing’ and ‘Clearing Plus’. What’s the difference?  

'Clearing' allows you to research every Clearing course at every university that is available through UCAS. 'Clearing Plus' represents a smaller selection of courses tailored to your UCAS application and preferences. 

Can I apply for deferred entry through Clearing?  

No, Clearing is only for courses with vacancies remaining for entry this year. 

What number should I call and when can I call it?   

The Clearing helpline opens on A-Level results day.  Check back nearer the time for information about opening hours and contact number s. If you want to apply before then, contact the course admissions team using the email address next to the course in the Clearing vacancies list. 

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