Video transcript: Students share their experience of Clearing

Transcript for the video embedded on the Clearing homepage.

[Music plays]

Text says: Clearing 2024. Rewrite your story. Leeds, your new Plan A. 

Footage of students walking on campus is followed by a student appearing on screen. Text says: Amy’s story.

A series of clips show Amy on campus in different settings and with friends. Amy says: I got better grades than I was expecting so I was able to
transfer onto a new course quite easily. It took a couple of hours but the admissions team were really reassuring.

Amy is stood outside some traditional red-brick style buildings on campus and says:  Living in halls and 1st year was great. The student accommodation feels fresh, you feel like you're part of a student community.

Amy is sat on a bench with trees and buildings in the background and says: I can't believe it's nearly over. I've had the best time at Leeds and I've met some great people.

A different student appears on screen with a group of friends, and then on their own. Text says: Jay’s story.

Jay is sat at a table in a busy outdoor terrace and says: Results day was a bit of a panic for me but I've gone to the phone to the clearing team and they were brilliant. They calmed me down and taught me through my options.

Jay is stood in a busy outdoor space on campus with buildings and students in the background. Jay says: There's a real buzz about Leeds and the campus is brilliant.
There's something for everyone.

I was really worried and results today. I went through Clearing and everything worked out perfectly.

Footage of the Parkinson Tower.

A different student appears on screen. Text says: Kwaab’s story. Kwaab is sat a café with other students chatting in the foreground. Kwaab says: Although Leeds was my insurance offer, when I got my grades, I realised it was a much better fit for me than my first choice.

I contacted Clearing as soon as I heard back from them and it was all smooth sailing from there. The admissions team was really supportive with everything from accommodation all the way to UCAS.

Kwaab is walking on campus with a greens space and buidings in the background. Kwaab says: I'm glad I chose Leeds. It's a beautiful campus and the people are really, really friendly. I'm always discovering little nooks and crannies and there are rabbits everywhere! 

Footage of various buildings and green spaces on campus, ending with a clip of a rabbit on a footpath, nibbling a leaf.

Text appears that says: Clearing 2024. Rewrite your story. Leeds, your new Plan A.