Video Transcript: An Introduction to the Learning Design Agency

Transcript for the video embedded on the Learning Design Agency page.

[Professor James Pickering is stood inside the Nexus building and says:]  

The Learning Design Agency is a coordinating facilitatory function that really is designed to help schools and program teams with their design challenges around Curriculum Redefined.  

it's there to help those program team leaders the module leaders in answering those difficult questions around their curriculum design problems to help them to look forward and think of ways in which they can support our students have an enhanced student experience as they go through their programs. 


The Learning Design Agency has really a small core leadership team the actual membership of Learning Design Agency is really everyone involved in student education across the university so all the way from professional service and academic leads that have been leading on some key student education thematic Areas.  

So like I said that small core coordinating group of colleagues like myself and various other colleagues that help to draw the program teams the module leaders together if you'd like some support through the Learning Design Agency then there's two ways you can get in touch you can either go through your faculty Academic Development Consultant and each faculty has a colleague that are based within ODPL and they can help to link you up with the activities that are underway or you can get in touch with us directly through,uk.  

If you'd like to join the LDA and take part in supporting schools program teams in their curriculum design challenge then please do get in touch we have an email address and we welcome everyone with a broad range of instructional curriculum and learning design experience to join the team and help us with our work.