Demetra Brady

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A year in industry

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Having studied analytical philosophy as part of my undergraduate course, I was able to put this into practice during my year at IBM.

A philosophy degree teaches you how to think critically and construct a reasoned argument to any challenge you're given. I wrote my dissertation on the topic of artificial intelligence and whether it’s possible that machines will think like a human. That's why I enjoyed my placement, because I realised the skills I had developed during my degree were really well matched with IBM.

I learned how to code and ran workshops to teach others how to do it. A real highlight for me was being part of IBM’s team at Wimbledon, analysing matches and looking at how players were performing.

Doing a year in industry puts you one step ahead of the game in terms of getting that graduate job that you really want. It also teaches you time management, communication skills and the value of making meaningful professional relationships. It makes you really mature as an individual and I’m much more confident now.

I was really thrilled to have been offered a place on the IBM graduate programme. It meant I could complete my final year at University and look forward to a job that I knew I’d enjoy.