Dominique Nielsen

BSc Biotechnology with Enterprise

For first year student Dominique Nielsen, it was not knowing which subject to study at University which led her to choose BSc Biotechnology with Enterprise; a degree designed for undergraduate students who want to combine a specialist subject with enterprise.

“I knew I wanted to continue studying science, but I also loved business studies – I’ve always been torn between business and science, even at school. When I was looking for university courses, I asked my friends and family what they could see me doing in 10 years time and they all said ‘business woman’ – but I didn’t want to just study business.”

Dominque thought Leeds would be a great place to live and study and while browsing for degrees, she found BSc Biotechnology with Enterprise, “It was the perfect match for me.”

During her first year, Dominique chose the Innovation and Creativity in Business module and enjoyed it so much that she has decided to complete it at level two. “I like the idea of bringing new ideas into the business place. It’s taught me to think differently and to think outside the box – take an opportunity, rather than wait for it.” said Dominique.

“I genuinely can’t believe how much I’ve learnt in my first year. I’ve really enjoyed my first year, not being spoon fed, but actually learning it for myself. I can’t wait for what next year brings.”