Helping Ericsson AB to create new businesses: enabling corporate innovation

Case study

The challenge

To develop new types of businesses that go beyond technology giant Ericsson's traditional core business of mobile networks, by exploring opportunities such as the Internet of Things, digital manufacturing, connected and autonomous vehicles and edge computing. 

The solution

A collaborative research project led by Professor Krsto Pandza, with Ericsson’s dedicated business unit with 3,600 employees and net sales of £190m in 2019, investigating three main topics that addressed: 

  • introducing complex new products 
  • understanding collaborative networks and the role of managers in entrepreneurial ventures 
  • creating emerging business initiatives 

The impact

Professor Pandza’s findings have shaped the development of corporate innovation at Ericsson. This includes integrating technology, strengthening corporate entrepreneurship and changing processes to improve the diversity and knowledge required to carry out emerging business initiatives. The research has also resulted in the delivery of a Massive Online Open Course and a tailored Executive Education programme for B Braun Medical Limited.