Mind the gap: regional disparities in business funding

Case study

The challenge

To identify and measure the nature and extent of financing gaps faced by businesses in the UK regions and business type. To encourage sustainable growth, innovation and prosperity in businesses in the UK regions. 

The solution

A longitudinal study of UK the business population over the last 25 years helped map the course of businesses from start-up and beyond. This highlighted the impact on growth caused by a lack of available risk finance for innovation and capital investment. 

The impact

Professor Nick Wilson’s findings shaped government policy. The Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund of £400 million and the Midlands Engine Investment Fund of £250 million are just two of the initiatives the government introduced to redress the imbalance of funding across regions. Wilson highlights the importance of ensuring that opportunities for business investment are equal across the UK to guarantee the economic health of the nation. His research led to significant policy changes to enable businesses across the UK to level up, gain access to finance and to grow.