Ben Kew

Food Science and Nutrition, 2019
Talking about

“The scholarship truly sculpted my life at university,” Ben Kew says. “It’s something for which I will forever be grateful.”

Ben’s route to Leeds was far from easy. Home life was challenging, and he had to leave in order to study his A-levels, sleeping on a friend’s floor the night before exams. Making it to university was the first step, something nobody in his family had ever done before. 

“I received a scholarship once here. It gave me confidence and the opportunity to explore new skills and unlock doors, allowing me to achieve my true potential. It allowed me to discover who I am and excel in my passion.” 

Ben sought to improve his health and self-confidence, and used some of his scholarship on gym membership, becoming a regular in the pool. From having only basic swimming skills, Ben developed quickly and joined the University of Leeds Swimming and Water Polo Club.

“In my third year, I moved up to compete for Leeds against other universities. I helped out with the coaching, and became a qualified lifeguard, before travelling to America to an international sports training camp.  

“I wasn’t able to travel when I was younger. Having the opportunity to go to America was unbelievable.” 

Ben was equally successful academically, graduating with a First and progressing into doctoral study in food science at Leeds. By the second year of his PhD, Ben had two papers accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals and has presented his findings online at international conferences.