Emma Atkinson

Geological Sciences 1997
Talking about
Legacy: Support for the School of Earth and Environment

Emma Atkinson (Geological Sciences 1997), a former Major in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, re-wrote her will when she embarked on a tour of duty in Afghanistan and included a legacy to the University.

“When you are going away on operations, you almost have to re-assess your life. It makes sense to write a will should anything untimely happen.”

“I read in the alumni magazine about the Brotherton Circle and the legacies which have been left to the University in the past and thought ‘what a brilliant idea’.”

Emma’s legacy will go to the School of Earth and Environment, where she studied:

“Some of the best times I had with my year group were when we were all away together on field trips. Geology is best done in daylight – so by dusk we tended to head to the pub!”

“Field trips are very expensive and it would be great if – should anything happen to me – my legacy is able to help more students experience them.”