Mark holds a Chair in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Leeds, and is Professor of Psychology at the Bradford Institute of Health Research, and Professor of Paediatric Vision at The Norwegian Centre for Vision. He is also a Turing Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute. 

25 years ago, Mark made fundamental contributions to our understanding of the sensorimotor impact of Virtual Reality (work that was headline news around the world). He is now leading the Centre for Immersive Technologies, and the Centre for Applied Education Research. He is an executive member of the Born in Bradford project (a longitudinal cohort study following the lifelong development of 13,500+ children).  

Faisal is Associate Director of the Centre for Immersive Technologies, Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute and co-lead of the Immersive Cognition (ICON) lab, a research group specialising in studying learning and decision-making in Virtual and Augmented Reality.  

Faisal's team have pioneered the development of the Unity Experiment Framework (UXF), an open-source software suite designed to facilitate research on human behaviour in virtual environments, which is now being used in laboratories across Europe and the US.  

Chris supports academics from across the University in driving forwards Immersive Technologies as a major research and teaching priority for the University.   

Prior to this role, Chris worked in the University’s Contracts & Commercialisation and team specialising in Life science technologies.

Hayley manages communications (including newsletters, social media and the CfIT mailbox), purchasing, and provides diary support to the Director and Associate Director. 

Hayley has a BA in Drama and has worked with a number of theatre companies and cultural organisations, providing guidance and fostering creative collaborations with CfIT. 

Alistair advises on how immersive technologies can be used to drive societal benefit. This includes planning, generating, and evaluating impact from CfIT activity and coordinating strategic communications. 

Kate is a second year Psychology student currently undertaking an internship with CfIT. She primarily works on the Digital Makers project, but also creates content for CfIT social media and our website.

Previously, Kate has worked for Bradford District Care Trust as a Research Volunteer and for Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust on the Recovery College programme.

Academic theme leads

Our academic theme leads are responsible for leading and facilitating immersive research within their fields. 

Dr Tom Jackson - Cultural Engagement 

Professor Richard Wilkie - Human Centred Design 

Dr He Wang - Improving Decision Making 

Dr Ryan Mathew - Improving Health and Wellbeing