Horizons Institute

Horizons Institute

The Horizons Institute provides a shared platform for tackling global challenges. These challenges are too complex to address in a single academic discipline or sector.

To have the biggest impact on the most pressing global issues we need collaboration, bringing together diverse skills, ideas and perspectives.  

Our supportive environment creates opportunities to develop new collaborations that inspire bold ideas and approaches. We help academics enhance their interdisciplinary skills, build their careers and elevate interdisciplinary research – at Leeds and around the world. 

We connect interdisciplinary research with communities, NGOs and charities, local authorities, policymakers, businesses and the public, developing research together to create a positive impact.  

Our aim is to get researchers from all walks of life talking to each other, and to people with real-world challenges. It is about a two-way flow of ideas and co-designing solutions.

Stuart Taberner, Director of the Horizons Institute

Learn more about our ambitions and measures of success, and read our Inclusion Strategy to find out more about the values that drive our work. 


  • Get involved

    If you are a University of Leeds colleague, community, NGO, charity, local authority, policymaker, business or member of the public, find out how we can work together.

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  • Our people

    Meet the driving forces of the Horizons Institute community: researchers dedicated to tackling global challenges collaboratively beyond disciplinary boundaries.

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