QiuLuan Ang

Talking about
Studying abroad at Leeds
National University of Singapore

One thing that I feel really added value to my exchange at the University of Leeds was the Give-it-a-Go sessions that were offered to all students by Leeds University Union. These Give-it-a-Go lessons gave me the opportunity to experience new things that I never would have dreamt of, such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Polo.

These one-off introductory sessions were beginner-friendly and offered the perfect opportunity to meet new people and bond over a common interest.

One of the very first places that I explored in Leeds was Kirkstall Abbey. In Singapore the buildings are rather modern and we rarely get the chance to see and walk the grounds of places such as Kirkstall Abbey, which have such rich history. Being able to do that in Leeds (as well as almost everywhere else in UK) was a refreshing change. I also had the chance to build my very first snowman in Leeds.

During my semester I did have the opportunity to travel to other cities within the UK. Some of my favourite memories are seeing the musical, “Wicked” in London, hiking up different routes around Lake Windermere in the Lake District and seeing York from a whole new perspective after climbing up the 275 steps to the top of York Minster. 

Travelling aside, I loved the time spent with my flatmates, who were a group of amazing girls from all around the world. Our group was made up of different nationalities, including, Australian, Japanese, Danish, German and Singaporean (me). We would all gather in the kitchen in the middle of the night making pancakes, eating ice cream, and watching The Big Bang Theory.