Elizabeth Adeyemo

International Foundation Year Arts and Social Science route

Before I came to Leeds I did not know anyone, but I was hoping to make a lot of friends during the induction week and I actually settled in faster than I thought with the help of the International Foundation Year ambassadors and staff.

I chose University of Leeds IFY in order to be prepared for my future degree, Law. Also, I chose IFY in Leeds because of its high rank in Social sciences.

The IFY programme was very challenging at first but I got used to it towards the end of semester one and everything became less stressful as I learnt how to manage my time properly.

So far, the IFY programme has been very rewarding because I feel very prepared to move on to my degree Members of staff especially the IFY committee and the staff in school of sociology really supported me. They supported me by giving me useful information on how to adjust to life in Leeds and helped with complex questions about course works.

The student facilities such as the gym, clubs and societies and sporting facilities have been really helpful.

My accommodation, Henry Price Residence, is also very home-like with incredible flatmates and a comfortable living area. I have made a lot of friends from different countries and ethnic groups during the IFY programme.

The foundation year really helped in my time-management, writing and reading skills. These skills are very important in my main degree. Also, the Foundation programme helped me improve my referencing skills.

Leeds is a very diverse city with different ethnic groups however, people in Leeds are very friendly especially when you are new and looking for directions.

University of Leeds and the different programmes they offer also helps to build teamwork and communication skills which is very needed in the 21st century.