Joses Setianto

International Foundation Year (Business route) and BSc Economics and Finance

My name is Joses, and I’m originally from Jakarta in Indonesia.

I’m currently studying on the Leeds International Foundation Year (Business Route) and next year I plan to study a bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance.

Back in Indonesia, I wasn’t able to take A levels or IB in High School, so when I was researching Universities I knew that if I wanted to study in the UK I would need to take a foundation year first. One of the first Universities I found during my search was Leeds, and the fact that they had their own foundation programme meant it was the perfect choice for me!

On the IFY I’ve been studying the basics of accounting and economics, applied maths, statistics and probability – all subjects which will be really vital for my bachelor’s degree. I wasn’t able to study these subjects during high school, so the fact that they’re covered during my foundation year has been excellent.

The academic study skills module is also really helpful, as the way you are taught in the UK is very different to high school in Indonesia. We learn about how to write academic essays, referencing, giving presentations – all skills which are important to my degree programme.

The academic staff are really helpful and easy to contact. If I ever need help or feel confused I can speak with them and they will take time to explain things to me in more detail. I also have regular meetings with my personal tutor to talk about my work and any other issues I might be facing. I feel really well prepared for moving on to my Bachelor’s degree next year.

The facilities at the University of Leeds are great. The lecture theatres and teaching rooms are really nice and modern. It’s great having a university campus where everything is all located in one area – it’s so easy to move around campus and get from class to class.

I’ve made friends from all over the world- the IFY has students from lots of different countries; Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and lots more! I’ve loved living in Leeds – it’s such an easy place to get around, everything is walkable, the public transportation is really good, and it’s also a very safe city.

I’m part of the Indonesian Students’ society. Joining a Society is a good way to meet people from my own country and to make me feel at home in Leeds. It’s made the transition to Leeds much easier having a group of friends from a similar background.