Patricia Sutedjo

International Foundation Year Science and Healthcare route

I’m extremely glad that I choose to do IFY in University of Leeds because we are studying in the university, using the same facilities and buildings as other undergraduates students so I feel more accepted. I don't feel different and I can hang out with undergraduates students as well.

During the first few weeks, the staff gave us a lot of tips on being an international student so we knew what to expect and that was very helpful.

I chose the IFY because I noticed some differences in the curriculum in my country and the UK, also I do not have the qualifications which are accepted in the UK such as A-Levels, IB, etc. Moreover, I wanted to prepare myself better instead of directly going into first year with no idea how the education in the UK works.

In terms of academic, I learn about all that I need to know for my future degree. It is challenging enough and I have to work for it if I want to get the best. I learn how to write different type of essays, how to conduct group discussions and presentations as well as how to reference. I also have laboratory classes which is very interesting. The last time, I did a heart dissection which I knew I would not get that experience in other time. The curriculum is also very easy to follow. The staff are very helpful. They usually hold events to make sure we are having a great time at uni. I also have a personal tutor to help me with my problems.

The campus is very beautiful and accessible. Everything is connected and within walking distance. As an IFY student, I get to use all the facilities such as classrooms, lecture theatres, libraries, and the amazing sport facilities. It has a swimming pool, gym, climbing wall, courts, and various free classes.

I also live in the university accommodation which create a good start for me to get immersed with the local cultures. I made a lot of friends both international and local students. With this huge amount of international students, Leeds is indeed a good place to socialize. I get to meet people with different cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds. I always meet new people and basically I just never stop making friends.

Leeds is a vibrant city. Everything is designed to suit people from all over the world so it is not hard to make Leeds as your second home. The city itself is very affordable and safe. Leeds is a student city and is very convenient for students. You have to work hard academically but at the same time you will play hard as well, because Leeds is well known of its nightlife.

You will also have a lot of societies to support your social life. Basically, don't hesitate to pursue your study in Leeds because Leeds is the best choice and you'll have the best time in your university life.