Abdulsalam Alsulami

MSc Physics
Talking about
Postgraduate pre-sessional English
Saudi Arabia

The most useful thing for me was to learn how to reference and how to avoid plagiarism, which I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t take the pre-sessional course.

In the summer pre-sessional we gave presentations and attended seminars. It was helpful to learn how to participate and say useful things.

My friends on the Masters course who didn’t do the pre-sessional found it quite difficult to find suitable references, and to know how to avoid plagiarism. It needs time, and we learnt it on the pre-sessional, along with many other things, like grammar, and critical thinking.

I also took part in many activities, such as Book Chat, and Global Café – it’s good to get to know people and their cultures.

I’m currently studying MSc Physics, and after my course I plan to do a PhD.

Abdulsalam studied Postgraduate pre-sessional English and Language for Science: General Science.