Farisza Putri

MA Corporate Communication, Marketing, and Public Relations
Talking about
Postgraduate pre-sessional English

I had no idea what a Masters is like, especially in countries other than mine, but when I did the pre-sessional, it was like practice for doing the real degree course.

The pre-sessional course encouraged me to be more confident in expressing my ideas and not to be afraid to make mistakes. As an example, my first tutor encouraged us all to say an idea. Later she wrote down all the ideas without saying which ones are 'right’ or ‘wrong'. She further explained the concepts and we, the students, would know whether the ideas were appropriate to be used in that situation or not.

Outside of classes, I went to Global Café, and they also arranged some trips during the weekend. 

From the title, you might think it’s just an English course, but it’s not just that. You won’t only be learning how to improve English, it’s about your self-development, and it will prepare you to do your best in your Masters.

Farisza studied Language for Business: Marketing.