Alice Yang

Hong Kong Baptist University

I came here to study because I have been planning to come to the University of Leeds and major in Conference Interpreting for my Masters degree. When I read about Leeds International Summer School (LISS), I knew it would give me the opportunity to get a taste of studying at the University of Leeds. I applied for the programme without hesitation. I was really blessed that I had the opportunity to join LISS as it was definitely a valuable experience for me.

My first module was British Literature and the second one I studied was Exploring the Law. These two modules were actually quite challenging for me, but I really enjoyed them.

In British Literature we covered a range of literature from the Victorian era, such as gothic and Pre-Raphaelite literature, which were completely new fields for me. I was really grateful that our professor was patient and knowledgeable. He always encouraged me to express my opinions and guided me on the right track.

When the course ended, I couldn't believe I had learned so many new things in such a short period of time. The field trip included in this module was also brilliant. We visited a gorgeous town called Haworth, where the Brontës lived.

The second module, Exploring the Law, was also well organised. We learned about some of the different laws in England, such as contract law and criminal law. Additionally, we had mooting and role play activities in a courthouse, which helped me to apply what I’ve learned into practice.

The most impressive thing about our class was that there was always a lot of discussions. Our professors encouraged us to discuss with our classmates, which indeed helped me to develop my communication skills as well as critical thinking abilities.

The field trips and social activities were another highlight of LISS. My favourite field trip was the excursion to Whitby. The town was beautiful, like an oil painting. I loved spending time there, strolling around the small streets and walking by the sea.

During my time at LISS, I was able to make many friends from all over the world. To anyone who is considering applying, I would highly recommend LISS as the combination of coursework and social activities made for an unforgettable summer.