Brooks Swift

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

The moment I arrived in Leeds airport I was filled with a mixture of excitement and fear. I had never travelled out of the country on my own before. From the moment I pulled up to Henry Price, I felt very welcome at the University of Leeds. I quickly made friends, who I shared in fun and exciting adventures with.

When classes began I was unsure what to expect, but, I found that the teachers were very approachable and easy to work with. The courses I took included The English Country House, and Heretics, Witches and Conspirators; which both included many excursions where I got to see a good portion of this country.

I got to see even more of the towns and countryside through my weekend excursions where I had a lot of fun! The best part of my time studying abroad was climbing the hill in Ilkley to the Cow and the Calf, going to Harrogate to drink tea at Betty’s tea room, and all of the fun memories that I shared with the wonderful people here at LISS.

I also enjoyed living in Leeds, because everything is easily accessible and the Social Assistants helped to recommend where to go to enjoy the city. I would highly recommend this program to anyone else interested in taking it, and I hope to someday return to the UK.