Chris Ho

City University of Hong Kong

Studying abroad at Leeds International Summer School (LISS) initially caught my eye since it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to study abroad while simultaneously exploring new cultures. There is a mixture of Chinese and British culture in Hong Kong but studying at LISS was a great opportunity for me to experience life in the UK.

My first impression of LISS was that there were people from all over the world here. Even though I had already met lots of international students at my home university and through other overseas activities, I never imagined that I would meet students from so many different countries and backgrounds on the programme and it was great to learn about where they came from. I have certainly enjoyed the time I have spent with all the people I have met here.

I chose the Wealth and Poverty and Entrepreneurship and Society modules, both of which have broadened my horizons and were a great way to encourage creative thinking, be innovative and learn something I couldn’t normally study back home. The teachers encouraged interaction in the lessons, and they provided plenty of opportunities for group discussion and sharing our own opinions. It made the teaching more interesting and lively, and I enjoyed my time in class.

Moreover, various activities were organised throughout the programme. For instance, cultural excursions, social activities and academic field trips. The academic and social support provided on LISS were conducive to enhancing my studies. Having studied at LISS, I now feel excited to recall my memories to my friends at home.