Dan Lim

University of Santo Tomas

The main reason I chose to study at the University of Leeds is that I really wanted to practice my English and to gain new friends from different countries.

The modules that I chose can be credited by my home university, which will help me in my future academic endeavours. I also came for the intangible learning experience that I can only gain here and not in my home university. 

The thing that I have liked most about my studies is that the classes at the University of Leeds are more chilled and less strict compared to my home university, which I really appreciate. The modules that I studied did not add heavy stress during my time in Leeds or take away from the fun of the summer school.

Generally, I love everything that the University prepared for us. I have no complaints, just complete satisfaction!

I can’t tell you what aspect I enjoyed most about the LISS programme because I would say everything! If I had to choose just one, it would be the people. The staff are very friendly and my classmates are welcoming and super nice, which made the LISS programme the best of all the trips that I have been on. I literally cried because it ended! I also loved the farewell event, because I won lots of prizes and was able to say goodbye to my friends.

In my free time, I have explored all around the city. I have enjoyed eating out in restaurants and hanging out with my LISS friends. I sometimes go to the Edge or the library to have some ‘me’ time.

I love Leeds because, for me, the weather in Leeds is colder than at home. There are many restaurants, stores for shopping and free museums. I have learned a lot about the slang that English people use. Most importantly, I have learned about the history and politics of the UK.

I learned that we should cherish time and friends, and to always remember to smile all the time even up until the very end of the day. It will not be worth it if you don’t smile.

To another student applying to LISS, I would say enjoy the time that you will spend with your LISS friends because every second of it will be worth it.