Davina Basse

University of Calgary

When I started my undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary, I knew that I wanted to study abroad. Due to my full schedule during the regular semesters, the Leeds International Summer School (LISS) appeared to be an amazing option to study abroad without falling behind on my coursework back home.

I chose LISS because of the University of Leeds’ reputation, the course selection, the social activities that were offered, and the location of Leeds in the heart of West Yorkshire.

My first module was Building Britain, which covered the history of England during the Industrial Revolution. Having played a major role in the industrialization of England, Leeds is the perfect location to learn about this part of history. Everywhere we went, there were locations that directly related to the module, which made it incredibly immersive.

As my second module I took the Heretics, Witches, and Conspirators one. Like the first module, the second one also covers history from the area around Leeds and the nearby county of Lancashire.

Learning about English history while being able to visit the places where history took place was an amazing experience. What I liked most about the modules aside from the field trips was the discussion-based teaching style. Every day we would be able to have a round table discussion, analysing the historical significance of various places and events.

The excursion and social events were another highlight of the program. My favourite day trips were the excursions to York and Malham Cove.

York is a beautiful city about an hour east of Leeds and it has a completely different atmosphere than Leeds. I loved spending time in the city, strolling around the small streets and visiting the York Minster.

Malham Cove was another amazing day trip, which included a hike up to the cliffs where Harry Potter was filmed. It was great to get out into nature and hike with friends.

The connections and friendships I made during my time at Leeds were absolutely incredible and I was able to make friends from all over the world! To anyone who is considering applying, I would highly recommend LISS as the combination of coursework and social activities made for an unforgettable summer.