Farzana Khan

Western Sydney University

LISS has been a fascinating learning experience for me and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about one of the most exciting and historic cultures in the world. I enjoyed a very precipitous but very rewarding learning curve in business, education and personally.

For me, the University of Leeds is a stimulating place to learn as I was able to further develop my skills on how to adjust within a new place with a different culture and traditions from what I am used to. This transition helped me learn more about myself and to develop greater confidence in my ability to navigate new situations. 

Although it was only for a short period, as a University of Leeds student, I was part of a global campus community. With campus located so close to the city centre, it made it effortless to get around and easily access and enjoy everything Leeds has to offer.

We also received membership to one of the best gyms in Leeds ‘the Edge’ providing us with a variety of options to suit our fitness regime. I loved making the most of this membership and having access to the swimming pool, sauna, climbing wall, squash courts and over 140 classes each week.

During this programme, I encountered challenges that I have never experienced before, and further developed my skills on how to adjust within an unfamiliar place. I did this by collaborating with other students from all over the world who brought their own personality and cultural traits. This provided the opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge with each other.

The knowledge I gained from this opportunity will assist me with developing new skills, obtaining valuable work experience and being able to give back to the programmes and communities I have been a part of in the process.

I had the chance to experience different styles of leadership and cultural development. This allowed me to see a side of my major that I am not able to discover at home. This has been a great way to understand and experience the people, the culture and its traditions. All of this, as you know, will be very attractive to current and potential future employers.

LISS has provided me with a new perspective on culture, a great education, language skills and a willingness to learn. I achieved personal development within myself and will take back home with me knowledge of England and its culture so I can share this with colleagues, family and friends, and hope to inspire them just as I was. I am looking forward to returning home with newfound strength, confidence and self-understanding.