Hwajin Park

Yonsei University

At Leeds International Summer School, I have met and studied with many friends who are from various backgrounds. I took business modules, so I was able to learn about the different business cultures and environments of many countries. Having a chance to meet diverse cultures helped me develop flexibility in a fast-changing environment and think deeply about personal identity.

What I enjoyed most about the LISS programme was the number of trips and excursions. All the trips and excursions were exciting, but Whitby was the most enjoyable. Whitby is a lovely town with a wonderful view of the sea and delicious seafood dishes including fish and chips. Every new spot that I visited on a trip was an unfamiliar place as a foreigner, but I didn’t need to worry about it thanks to the trip pack from LISS team.

In addition to the excursions, there were a lot of social events held by LISS social assistants or Leeds University Union. The most memorable social event was Kirkstall Abbey Festival. It was an annual event in Kirkstall Abbey with a variety of stalls, rides and music. The whole festival was run by local people, so I could experience and enjoy the local British culture.

Most of my free time was filled with excursions and social events, but I usually went to ‘the Edge’ on a day when there was no special event. As a LISS student, I could freely use the facilities at ‘the Edge’ including the gym, swimming pool, squash courts, basketball courts, and more. Also I could book a sports class such as yoga, Zumba, street dance, etc. It was my first time doing Zumba, and it was so much fun that I wanted to keep doing it even after I went back to my home country!

In Leeds, I had so many new experiences and delightful memories. I spent an unforgettable month in my life through LISS.