Ian Barnett

Western University

Leeds for me was a totally unknown and new experience. I had never even heard of the city or University but knew I wanted to travel abroad over my summer break and the United Kingdom was my top choice. When I received the offer I jumped at it and couldn't be happier with my decision.

While I come from a History and Politics field of study, I wanted to broaden my horizons and allow myself to think about my post undergrad years. Thus the Business and Cultural Awareness, and Entrepreneurship and Society modules seemed like a perfect way to get my feet wet in business studies while taking in an unfamiliar culture.

Truly it has been the people I have met that made my LISS experience so enjoyable. In my flat alone I made friends with people from America, Australia, Hong Kong and Spain. Everyone was always friendly and equally interested in the adventures we shared on day trips and class excursions.

In my free time I often found people to cook with or explore the local scene with. Whether it was shopping downtown, grabbing a drink at the Terrace, or just grabbing lunch around the corner there was always something to do and someone else who wanted to do it with you.

Living abroad really made me prioritise the importance of being adventurous. I capitalised on this when I hopped on the train just last weekend and ventured to the old parish of Keyingham where the farthest branch of my own family can be traced. It was humbling and so fulfilling that all I could think of was how badly I wanted to keep going, keep exploring, and keep admiring all that this country had to offer.

If there is any advice I have to give a prospective LISS student who is considering signing up; do it.