Oscar Yau

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Studying at the University of Leeds International Summer School (LISS) has definitely been the highlight of my undergraduate study. I am delighted to have been part of LISS in this summer.

The reason I decided to come to Leeds is that it is the third-biggest city in the United Kingdom and it is a city with both modern and historical architecture. In my opinion, it is the perfect location to explore the UK.

Studying abroad is always entertaining and challenging. The interesting part is that we were able to study with students from all over the world. During class discussion, we were able to interact with others and understand their cultures and values.

In addition to studying, LISS also provided a lot of opportunities for us to go on weekend excursions and field trips for modules. The excursions were the best way to explore the British culture through sightseeing and interacting with the locals. For example, we went to traditional country houses such as Harewood House. The field trips and weekend excursions were the best way to communicate with peers and create precious memories together.

If you want to explore the United Kingdom and make friends with students from all over the world, this is the program to fulfil your needs.