Beth Coltart

Talking about
Leeds International Summer School
University of Cape Town

This Leeds International Summer School (LISS) programme has taught and given me so much that my short time in Leeds feels like a dream that surely couldn’t be real but was! 

Through my photography module I learnt to be more intentional in taking photographs and more conscious of the story that my images tell. The way that I approach this visual skill has been changed by the helpfulness of my lecturer in showing us how to critically analyse our own photographs as well as the activities and excursions that we did as a class.

However, the programme has given me so much more than this by exposing me and giving me the opportunity to create friendships with people from places around the globe.

Because of the short period of time that we had, from the onset the students at LISS came with an openness and eagerness to get to know each other beyond the surface and learn from one another. I so appreciated the genuine interest that people showed in my own country, Zimbabwe, and it gave me great joy to share the beauties and struggles of my nation.

The stories I have heard, perspectives I have gained and love that I have received is hugely impactful. I have shared such meaningful moments with people, hearing about their countries, cultures and individual experiences of life, but I have also made real connections through simply doing life together and exploring some of the UK!

I feel so blessed to now be a part of an international community consisting of truly amazing, kind people who will go on to impact our world in a positive way!