Marco Halomoan

Talking about
Leeds International Summer School
Nanyang Technological University

I came to Leeds to meet people from diverse backgrounds, explore lesser-known parts of the UK, and experience studying in the UK.

I took the Leadership through Sport and the Outdoors module in Block 2. I learned a lot about sport development in the UK. and the University of Leeds, as well as how to develop better leadership and teamwork.

In two weeks, my understanding of leadership and sport changed. I realised that it was more difficult than it sounds. I learned that taking initiative, breaking down complex problems, and communication are very important for effective leadership. It is a useful skill and experience for my future career.

Through many excursions, classes, field trips, and social events, I made friends from Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, the United States, and more. We went to some pubs and clubs in Leeds as well as hung out and had dinner in our dormitory kitchen. One of them went to London with me after the programme.

All the excursions and social events are great, but my favourite one was Whitby. It is a beautiful coastal town that is so rich in history and far from anywhere. You can enjoy the beach, Whitby Abbey on top of a cliff, or the signature fish and chips. It is a unique place that is difficult to visit if you are not joining the Leeds Internatonal Summer School (LISS) programme and it was on the last day where we say goodbye to each other.

I also loved the field trip where my class went to Pen-y-Ghent in the Yorkshire Dales. It was a difficult hike with steep steps, but we witnessed the wonderful nature of North England along the way.

In my free time, I played football at the Edge with some classmates and friends I met through social events or enjoyed the gym facilities by myself, which are free for all LISS students.

During LISS, every day is a new day, and you should make every minute count. I wish I could spend more time in Leeds, it was an unforgettable summer.