Video transcript: Leeds International Summer School (LISS)

Transcript for the Leeds International Summer School (LISS) video embedded on the LISS webpage

[The University of Leeds logo appears on screen.] 

[Upbeat music.] 

[The title Leeds International Summer School appears on screen.] 

[The video shows clips of LISS students walking in the countryside together, sat chatting and laughing, taking pictures together, and gathering for a group photograph in the Great Hall, with balloons that spell out ‘LISS’.] 

[Dr Christina Edgar, Director of Student Opportunity, appears on screen.] 

[Dr Edgar says:] Leeds International Summer School is a really important part of the year for the University of Leeds.  

[Dr Alex Lock, Academic Module Leader, appears on screen.] 

[Dr Lock says:] Summer school is a nice opportunity for students studying all around the world to come and take part in activities at the University of Leeds, and learn, and meet new people.] 

[The video shows LISS students walking around campus.] 

[An image of the globe appears on screen. The video zooms in to show where Leeds is located in the UK.] 

[In a voiceover, Dr Edgar says:] Leeds is a great vibrant city, and they will have an opportunity to really explore that and go out in some of the beautiful countryside around here as well. 

[The video shows students working out in a gym, students looking around an art gallery, and a student skipping a stone across a river.] 

[In a voiceover, Dr Edgar says:] There's plenty more to do, besides just studying. We have a huge range of field trips which complement the courses. 

[Samuel Priyadarshan, a LISS student from India, appears on screen. He is standing in a park. As he begins to speak, the video shows people working with equipment in a lab.] 

[Samuel says:] The lab here is really sophisticated. They've got all the equipment.  

[Andrew Dant, a LISS student from the USA, appears on screen.] 

[Andrew says:] Both courses that I'm taking are courses that my university doesn't offer. I expect to learn things that I wouldn't learn back at home. 

[Dr Lock appears on screen.] 

[Dr Lock says:] There's a huge, huge, range of modules available to study on the International Summer School.   

[Belina Naude, a LISS student from South Africa, appears on screen.] 

[Belinda says:] We went to York, which was really cool. We went to the Minster, which is really, really beautiful. 

[Amreen Kohli, a LISS student from India, appears on screen.] 

[Amreen says:] On the hike, I really challenged myself and it was so breathtakingly beautiful. It was amazing, that was the best. 

[The screen shows the countryside from above and a boat crossing a lake.] 

[Nathanael Salter, a LISS Social Assistant, appears on the screen.] 

[Nathanael says:] Everything in Summer School is set up to make people feel welcome, make people feel settled. 

[Erembi Chen, a LISS student from China, appears on the screen.] 

[Erembi says:] The social events are my favourite part. 

[Nusrat Hassan Khan, a LISS student from Bangladesh, appears on screen.] 

[Nusrat says:] I'm really enjoying it and also learning a lot.  

[Niteesh Kumar, a LISS student from India, appears on the screen.] 

[Niteesh says:] It's a place for the whole world to study here.  

[Todd Steele, a LISS student from Australia, appears on screen.] 

[Todd says:] I've absolutely loved every single moment here. I had never been to the UK before, but I can honestly say that I don't want to get the flight home. 

[The video shows students walking across a field, then students at a climbing wall.] 

[Krishka Gupta, a LISS student from India, appears on screen.] 

[Krishka says:] You will learn a lot from this experience, you will meet new people. I’m going to miss this place. 

[Amreen appears on the screen.] 

[Amreen says:] This journey has been life-altering for me, because I think finally I'm comfortable with who I am. I definitely would recommend it to anybody and everybody I meet. 

[Dr Lock appears on screen.] 

[Dr Lock says:] I think studying in at the International Summer School does give you the opportunity to really broaden your horizons in every sense. Not just academically. but in terms of the people you meet and that, of course, is very important for the job market of the future. 


[LISS students are shown stood together in the countryside, from above.] 

[The video ends with the University of Leeds logo and the text “Apply now –”.]