Pragya Chadha

LLB Law 2021
India and UAE

Why did you pick the University of Leeds?  

My primary reason for choosing the University of Leeds was that it ranks in the top 10 universities for law in the UK.

Moreover, it is a part of the prestigious Russell Group of universities and has a high standard of teaching and research.

Lastly, I was attracted to the city of Leeds. In addition to having multiple prestigious law firms, Leeds has a strong international community and is well connected to other parts of the UK. 

Tell us about your degree at the University of Leeds  

I studied LLB Law at the University of Leeds and for the entirety of my three years I truly had a very holistic and enriching experience.

Studying Law at Leeds takes you beyond the lectures and seminars. I was constantly given the chance to apply what I had learned to real life situations through pro-bono/volunteering opportunities. There were regular events such as negotiating and debating competitions which allowed me to practise essential skills.

Lastly, and my favourite, were the careers events through which I could meet with potential employers and various law firms to gain an idea what a career as a legal professional looks like.

I also attended the Law school dinners which took place every semester and, in addition to the free food and drinks, they were the perfect events to chat with your professors and mates outside of classes.  

What support did you access at Leeds to help with your career goals? 

The University of Leeds is excellent when it comes to support with careers.

Like other schools in the University, the Law school also has its own careers team which offer specialised advice for students who want to enter the legal profession. I frequently sought out their advice and not only did they help me improve my applications and CV, but also offered me mental support and helped me when I would get anxious with job searching or academics.

Over the course of my three years, I was able to develop wholesome and professional relationships with my mentors and have kept in touch with them even after my graduation.  

How was the international student community? Did you feel at home? 

Leeds has a strong and prominent international community. Not once did I feel like I was far away from my home and culture.

There are many Indian restaurants here and the movie halls even show Indian movies. Indian artists and musicians are regularly in concert in Leeds and the Indian cricket team even come here for sporting events. The Leeds University Union even has an Indian society that regularly hosts Bollywood club nights and celebrates all the major festivals.

Not only can you enjoy your own culture but also experience others as well. Most countries have their own cultural societies and have socials where you can meet different people from different parts of the world.

One of my favourite socials was the dumpling making demonstration held in the Union where I was able to make and eat some delicious east Asian dumplings with my friends.  

What is your top tip to make the most of studying abroad?  

I know it sounds a bit cliché, but make the most of your time here! Your student experience is in your hands so definitely seize every opportunity, be it social or academic, to try new experiences which you might not get the chance to do outside of university.

Another thing I would strongly recommend is to take trips. The University Union frequently organises day trips to other towns in the UK and this is a great way to explore the country and make some great friends and memories along the way.